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Office Furniture: Creating an Environment for Work

Every company dreams of creating an office environment that constantly inspires or at least supports employee initiative to perform better. Employers know that motivated employees often result to improved performance and, ultimately, a better bottom line. While international conglomerates have a huge budget to remodel offices, smaller-sized companies may turn on choosing and acquiring appropriate office furniture to recreate a similar result. Continue reading →


Tips When Buying Used Office Furniture

With the eight-hour workday fast becoming a thing of the past, employers are now giving greater importance to comfortable office furnishings. After all, if employees are going to be pulling off 12-hour shifts, they should at least have ergonomic seats and desks that help them do their job efficiently. Continue reading →

What Makes an Ergonomic Chair?

An office job may seem like easy work compared to other professions. After all, how hard can sitting in front a desk be? However, most people don’t know that serious health problems can develop if office furniture are not ergonomic or optimized for the human body.

The ergonomics concern is perhaps most applicable to chairs, the furniture that carries your weight during the eight or so hours you work in the office. What exactly makes an ergonomic chair? Here are a few characteristics: Continue reading →

The Surprising Benefits of Used Office Furniture

It isn’t unusual for us to put a lot more value on the new than we do on the old. However, if you’ve ever thought badly of a company choosing to freshen up its office furniture with used pieces rather than new ones, you might be surprised at how good their decision actually is. Continue reading →