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Optimizing Employee Productivity with Good Office Furniture in Denver

When you’re done searching for the right Denver office furniture, focus next on your office lighting. Installing a system that provides a greater amount of natural lighting can help workers avoid future health problems like headaches and eye strains. Good lighting will also help your employees see better, improving their productivity as well as the quality of their output.


Colorado Springs Office Furniture Supplier Lauds Crystal Award Winners

As one of the leading suppliers of office furniture in Colorado Springs, Pear Workplace Solutions works closely with commercial interior designers, providing them with the most stylish and functional furniture for their projects. To learn more about its services and product offerings, simply visit:

Denver Office Furniture Supplier Carries Haworth’s File Drawer Insert

Better yet, why not visit our showroom at 1515 Arapahoe St. to test the product in person? While you’re there, you can also take a look at our other product offerings. We sell everything from storage solutions to office furniture, and even architectural products like modular walls. With our manufacturing partnerships with Lacasse, Gunlocke, and Haworth, you’re sure to find the perfect Denver office furniture at our showroom.

Liven Up Open Floor Plans with Office Furniture from Fort Collins Firm

The best thing about open office plans is the ability to adjust or change the layout without stopping work, say during promotions or addition of personnel. With modular office furniture from Fort Collins, CO design companies like Pear Workplace Solutions, changing or rearranging your office floor plan can be done before one can say “Break time’s over!”

Choosing the Right Office Chair

Probably the most important piece of office furniture you need to have in your workplace is a good office chair. It brings comfort to you and your workers, and it makes working for several hours an easy stretch. Below are some of the qualities of a good office chair that might help you decide when you shop for office furniture: Continue reading →

Used Office Furniture Presents Great Opportunities

Big and small companies alike need office furniture to help their employees perform their duties and to ensure that they do not cease to run during their daily operations. However, this does not mean that enterprises have to acquire only the latest and newest furniture. In fact, many establishments would rather buy used fixtures as these enable them to enjoy several unique opportunities and benefits: Continue reading →

Why Multi-Functional Tables are Becoming a Trend

The continuing development of modern office design has made many companies open up to the idea of flexible working environments which allow employees to do a lot more than just sit on their stations and tend to paperwork. Nowadays, offices are also used for collaborative gatherings and client entertainment, both of which provide long-term benefits such as increased employee performance and closer ties with customers. As more versatile offices arise, certain types of furniture like multi-functional tables will start playing larger roles in the normal course of office work. Continue reading →

What to Consider When Buying Used Office Furniture

Going for used office furniture is a sensible financial decision that can benefit your company in the long run. However, don’t go and buy from scrap yards and antique shops just yet. There are still some things to consider when buying pre-used items for your office: Continue reading →