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Office Relocation Need Not Be Hard

Moving into a new office can be a difficult job. One has to consider the need for new office equipment as well as the installation and configuration of furniture and fixtures at the new location. Fortunately, companies that offer design solutions, warehousing, and other complimentary services can make things easier for any company that needs to transfer to a different location. Continue reading →


Only Buy Office Chairs with Good Back Support!

If you’re in charge of buying brand-new or used office furniture for your workplace, it goes without saying that you should inspect your picks for any sign of damage. However, you might want to go further than assessing each piece for defects because even those in top condition may not actually be the best choice for the office. This is especially true for office chairs.

While you may be convinced to buy office chairs that “look good”, you should first take into account the level of back support they provide. In case you don’t know, sitting for hours on end isn’t exactly healthy, because this activity puts great stress to the spine’s lumbosacral discs. To prevent back problems among your employees or colleagues, the chairs you’ll buy must have excellent ‘lumbar back support’, which is to say that sitting on them must encourage a natural inward curve of the lower back. Continue reading →

Partner Company of Denver Office Furniture Launches Bluescape Software

Our main manufacturer, Haworth launched Bluescape, a collaborative workspace software that aims to revolutionize the way a company works. Bluescape provides a platform for a company to freely share ideas, media, and documents in real-time, thereby further expediting the decision-making process. We at Pear Workplace Solutions cannot be more pleased and excited with this development, as this fits in nicely with our partnership’s initiative to improve the office experience with systematic workplace solutions and quality office furniture in Denver.

Bluescape was conceptualized in 2006 during a strategic review of their portfolio. Since then, Haworth has partnered with the award-winning technology studio Obscura Digital to create a seamless, simultaneous, and interactive way to bridge team members wherever they are in the world.

Picking Colorado Springs Office Furniture and Designs to Suit Gen Y

Are you planning to redesign your office? Have you thought of what kinds of Colorado Springs office furniture you’re going to incorporate in the design? If you don’t have any concrete ideas yet, you might want to evaluate the profiles of your employees to see what type of office space suits their preferences.

Keeping Millennials in Mind

Today’s offices are mostly filled with young professionals who belong to the so-called Generation Y, or millennials. In an article for ArchDaily, Michael O’Neill, senior research strategist for Haworth, shares his thoughts on designing for this group.

Denver Office Furniture Goes Modular and Mobile with Benching Systems

The open workplace gives managers more for less. They can configure the office space anyway they want simply by moving Denver office furniture with less effort. Benching is an example of a versatile office system, putting workers on a common table, permitting a free exchange of ideas. They’re also lightweight, allowing easy moving when space needs to be consolidated.

However, experts say benching is only ideal for dynamic work environments such as studios and consultant firms. If there’s a need to communicate or move information seamlessly, the benching system allows unimpeded access. Benching may not work if the nature of an office requires some information to be kept secret.

Partner Company of Denver Used Office Furniture Dealer Releases Report

Denver, Colorado (September 9, 2014) – Prominent manufacturer Haworth, a partner company of Denver used office furniture provider Pear Workplace Solutions, recently released their 9th Sustainability Report that features their plan to get rid of 56 chemicals that can affect the health of customers and the environment from their production lines by the end of 2015.

Haworth’s report outlines the chemical recall from their global production. Senior sustainability engineer Michael Werner said that the company reviewed 2,000 concerned chemicals, and the aforementioned 56 were tagged for removal because they have been identified as harmful to end-users by customers, governments, and NGOs. This is part of their initiative to provide healthier working environments for hardworking employees worldwide.

Avoid Lower Back Pain with the Right Furniture

Sitting in the right chair can make all the difference in the world when you’re trying to avoid lower back pain. Yet those who are taller than average might find the typical office seat rather uncomfortable.

Managers must, therefore, make it a point to explain why some employees have a need for more comfortable-looking chairs. Keep in mind that the spine is an asymmetric organ; contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t run in a straight line but is shaped like an S. Designing the backrest alone requires a holistic understanding of the spine’s musculoskeletal structure and function. Continue reading →

The Workplace through the Generations: Baby Boom

For the record, the U.S. baby boom between 1946 and 1964 wasn’t fueled to make up for the millions of casualties brought about by World War II. It also wasn’t fueled by the need to outnumber the country’s superpower rival, the Soviet Union, in manpower. Historians believed this was the product of marriages initially put on hold due to the war and the Great Depression.

With the world at peacetime, many couples then believed the future would be prosperous for their children; hence, the spike in birth rate—and the generation for baby boomers began. The peak of the boom reached four million between 1954 and 1964 before it dropped, helping make up two-fifths of the current U.S. population. In short, baby boomers were optimistic. Continue reading →