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New Chairs for Spinal Health

Office work will often be tedious and challenging. Think about it: sitting in the same chair for several hours can produce some nasty effects on your body, especially the spine and the upper torso. With that in mind, you must seek out experts at quality office furniture in Fort Collins, CO to find the right ergonomic chairs for your office. Here are some critical elements to take into account:


An ergonomic chair should have easy-to-reach vertical controls to assist users of various heights. The trick is to adjust your seat height in such a way that your torso and thighs are at right angles to each other when seen from the side.

See to your Back

Spinal conditions are important when you are sitting for most of the day. For instance, the prospect chair’s backrest must be tall enough to cover your back and shoulder blades. They must be naturally curved to help the back snugly fit in.

Plump and Comfy

Your prospect office chairs should have the finest materials adorning it. It must contain extra padding and any foam cushions must be strong enough to withstand hot or cold temperatures.

Having specially-designed ergonomic chairs in the workplace can make all the difference in your health and that of your employees. Don’t you want them to go home refreshed even if they were sitting all the while?


Tips for an Affordable Office Furnishing Project

Opening your own office could be quite a burden on your wallet—unfortunately, this is far from the last investment you’ll have to make before you can actually make some of your capital cost back in gains. For starters, you’ll also have to decorate your office. Thankfully, you always have options for affordable office furnishings.

Buy Used

Don’t be afraid to buy used furniture. Not only are they typically more affordable than brand new ones, but if you know what to look for, you just might end up getting decent quality stuff. Nevertheless, it’s still important that you inspect your furniture first for any flaws that might end up causing you some valuable business time.

Stick to the Essentials

As much as possible, buy only the furniture that you really need to get work done. For instance, if you’re running an office that deals with meeting customers in person, then having a nice coffee table with comfortable couches is essential, but otherwise it could be seen as a luxury fixture you’re better off buying when the cash is already rolling in.

Always look for Deals

Bookmark your favorite office furniture online store on your desktop. Like them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. This way, you can always be updated whenever something goes on sale.

Denver Office Furniture Company Sponsors 2014 Crystal Awards

The design profession is dominated by one desire: the achievement of design perfection. This is why, each year, countless design industry organizations strive to award the best designers in the field and stimulate the drive to always put innovativeness and creativity on the forefront of the profession. As a provider of high quality office furniture to Denver businesses, Pear Workplace Solutions understands the importance of recognizing the best in the interior design industry. In line with this, our company, along with our manufacturer partner, Haworth, agreed to sponsor the ASID Crystal Awards this year.

An initiative of the Colorado chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers, the Crystal Awards is the organization’s preeminent annual award event for identifying and recognizing the state’s best interior designers.

Free Consult on Optimizing Office Furniture in Denver for Efficiency

Pear Workplace Solutions, one of the leading providers of office furniture in Denver, is ready to help you boost corporate efficiency with a FREE Workplace Optimization Consult. This ongoing promo shows you how you can maximize space and organizational setup to create a more productive and effective office layout.

Our workplace consultation service focuses on evaluating your work space against your business’ actual needs. We can show you where to maximize open areas and eliminate hindrances. The consultation will also be your chance to do away with old equipment and replace them with new office furniture from Denver, Colorado suppliers.

Partner of Company Selling Used Office Furniture in Denver Wins Awards

According to Haworth’s product literature, orders for the three award-winning lines will open later this year. Haworth will begin accepting orders for Openest on August 29, 2014, the Trivati architectural wall system in September 2014, and the Suite collection in October 2014.

Companies and organizations who are considering an update to the design of their commercial spaces and would like to incorporate the three award-winning design lines into their projects are invited to consult with Pear Workplace Solutions for assistance. More information about how to reach the Pear Workplace Solutions for inquiries, as well as a comprehensive listing of the new and used office furniture in Denver, CO, the company provides, is available on its website,

Taking a Stand on Office Furniture in Colorado Springs: Standing Desks

It’s not surprising then that many furniture companies have taken to designing desks that can be used for both sitting and standing. Darran, for instance, developed their NOT SO Square line of office desks that offer a sit/stand option. Fortunately, you can find products from this manufacturer in local office furniture stores like Pear Workplace Solutions.

Ultimately, your choice of Colorado Springs office furniture solutions will depend on what’s best for the productivity and comfort of your employees. Since these two factors are usually dependent on various factors, it’s up to you to find the perfect median between them. This way you’ll end up with satisfied employees that keep your business going stronger for longer.

How to Choose the Right Office Furniture

For some people, office furniture may seem like an afterthought, pieces to simply fill up space. But did you know that the thoughtful selection of the right chairs and desk can improve a worker’s efficiency. Employers shouldn’t underestimate the optimal conditions under which employers need to work to be productive. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for furniture suitable for your office.

  • Think about your office space. Don’t pick out furniture that will take over the room, like over-large couches. Pick the right size so that people can still move around freely. Personnel and guests should be able to maneuver around your office with ease.

  • Choose functionality over style. It may be nice to have that ultramodern glass and steel desk, but if it doesn’t have the drawers that you’ll need to store the letters, memos and all sorts of clutter on your desk, don’t pick it. Functionality should just as well guide your choice for chairs and couches.

  • Take great care when choosing fixtures, such as storage shelves and cabinets; if furniture or fixtures are to be customized, consider the proper design for all your storage applications. Storage is a top priority in planning office space, as any office will need ample storage to file away documents and equipment.

  • Aim for ergonomic values, especially with the chairs. When you don’t consider comfort and function, your workers will be distracted by the discomfort they feel, twisting in their seat under undue strain that can cause ailments like back pain and stiff necks and shoulders. Productivity suffers.

  • Consider future expansions. Any business should have an eye on future growth. Think of furniture that can accommodate future demands for expanded space for new personnel and equipment.

Denver Office Furniture Designers Deal with Workers’ Ache, Discomfort

The transition from standing to sitting position exerts immense stress to the lower back as it tries to stabilize the torso. If the weight shifts forward of the torso due to poor sitting posture, the back muscles have to exert more force. This, in turn, compresses the lumbar spine, resulting in pain and discomfort popularly known as low back pain (LBP).

LBP can seriously hamper production and quality of work; it forces key personnel to take sick leaves due to their aching backs. Buy Denver office furniture from dealers like Pear Workplace Solutions to find the ideal furniture for everyone because you believe that comfortable and cozier seats for your workers lead to productivity.

Denver Office Furniture Can Be Green, Sustainable, and Comfortable

While the rating system of the Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) sets the standard for greener buildings, something basic to any workers’ heart needs just as much attention. What good is a LEED-compliant office if the chairs could use better designs for back comfort? Workplace comfort and turnover rate have an indirect—and linear relationship. Discomfort leads to pain, which, in turn, leads to loss of focus and low productivity—and in the end, concludes in job termination or resignation.

Design and building experts, in fact, agree on this relationship. Angela Loder, adjunct professor at the University of Denver, says that quality of materials form one of three key components in green building research. This not only refers to office furnishings emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but also those that break after a few twists and turns.

Set up Shop: Tips on Buying and Arranging Office Furniture in Denver

Of course, you’ll also need to create a space for your employees in which to take a break, get refreshments or coffee to help boost their productivity. Provide a break room or mess hall complete with a refrigerator, a microwave oven, coffee pots, a few tables and sufficient seating. Do make sure that you only put enough tables to keep the space from looking needlessly crammed.

Work life in the Mile High City can be more efficient and rewarding when the workplace is designed and furnished for people to work in the most optimal conditions. Buy reliable office furniture from Denver, Colorado distributors like Pear Workplace Solutions.