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Sleek Curves…in the Office?

People like anything that’s curved – sleek bodies and cars with less drag are at the top of the list. When you chalk “office furniture” on that list, things take a different turn. It begs the question, “how can curved office furniture affect the business setting?” Continue reading →


4 Ergonomic Considerations to Live By

With the New Year in full swing, office managers and interior designers might want to embark on some office redesign projects. There’s more to accomplishing this than just costs and building regulations, however. Read on for four very important principles that every office redesign project needs to consider:

The Basic Ergonomic Layout

Experts offer advice to make the workplace safer for employees, including the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries through an ergonomic workstation. Learn their general recommendations about height, positioning, and other vital specifications. Continue reading →

Finding the Office Furniture that Suits Your Office

The pieces of furniture in your office speak much about your personality. In most cases, it reflects the status of your business, or at least creates a certain impression. Therefore, it’s important to invest time and money in choosing the right office furniture. Here are some crucial pointers.

Before even thinking of shopping around, you must know how much space your office has for furniture. Since office furniture includes worktables and chairs, you’ll have to consider efficiency. Make sure that the workers can work comfortably on those furniture; otherwise, your productivity will be affected. Continue reading →

Office Relocation Need Not Be Hard

Moving into a new office can be a difficult job. One has to consider the need for new office equipment as well as the installation and configuration of furniture and fixtures at the new location. Fortunately, companies that offer design solutions, warehousing, and other complimentary services can make things easier for any company that needs to transfer to a different location. Continue reading →

Choosing the Right Office Chair

Probably the most important piece of office furniture you need to have in your workplace is a good office chair. It brings comfort to you and your workers, and it makes working for several hours an easy stretch. Below are some of the qualities of a good office chair that might help you decide when you shop for office furniture: Continue reading →

New Chairs for Spinal Health

Office work will often be tedious and challenging. Think about it: sitting in the same chair for several hours can produce some nasty effects on your body, especially the spine and the upper torso. With that in mind, you must seek out experts at quality office furniture in Fort Collins, CO to find the right ergonomic chairs for your office. Here are some critical elements to take into account:


An ergonomic chair should have easy-to-reach vertical controls to assist users of various heights. The trick is to adjust your seat height in such a way that your torso and thighs are at right angles to each other when seen from the side.

See to your Back

Spinal conditions are important when you are sitting for most of the day. For instance, the prospect chair’s backrest must be tall enough to cover your back and shoulder blades. They must be naturally curved to help the back snugly fit in.

Plump and Comfy

Your prospect office chairs should have the finest materials adorning it. It must contain extra padding and any foam cushions must be strong enough to withstand hot or cold temperatures.

Having specially-designed ergonomic chairs in the workplace can make all the difference in your health and that of your employees. Don’t you want them to go home refreshed even if they were sitting all the while?

Office Furniture: Creating an Environment for Work

Every company dreams of creating an office environment that constantly inspires or at least supports employee initiative to perform better. Employers know that motivated employees often result to improved performance and, ultimately, a better bottom line. While international conglomerates have a huge budget to remodel offices, smaller-sized companies may turn on choosing and acquiring appropriate office furniture to recreate a similar result. Continue reading →

Creating a War Room for Your Office

Some companies are so often on the go, they need special “war rooms” for dedicated teams to work on certain projects. This is also true of certain outfits that must have extra space to dedicate time to an important undertaking without having to schedule the conference room against everybody else. There are ways to make a war room a place for big ideas to be born, especially if the members are made comfortable with the right kind of furniture. Continue reading →

Choosing your Office Conference Room Table

No office is complete without an adequately-sized meeting room, and what would such a space be without a conference room table in the center of it all? Choosing a table for this purpose is all about elegant design and practical function. If you’re looking to decorate your office meeting hall with the right table, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Continue reading →