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Sleek Curves…in the Office?

People like anything that’s curved – sleek bodies and cars with less drag are at the top of the list. When you chalk “office furniture” on that list, things take a different turn. It begs the question, “how can curved office furniture affect the business setting?” Continue reading →


Making the Office “Hot” and Comfortable

You may have heard of the so-called “hot office,” or a workspace that looks more like a living room than an actual office setting. Such places have the employees lounging on couches and/or sofas while doing their tasks. Whether your business needs informal furniture to liven up the workplace or not depends on the nature of your work, and how it will help your people. If you do need such pieces, you can rely on sellers of used office furniture for quality furniture at lower costs. Continue reading →

Plywood or Particleboard Furniture: Make a Choice

Office furniture needs to be durable and long-lasting, while remaining affordable. This is why wood is a good furniture material. Two of the wood types you will likely encounter when researching office furniture in Denver are plywood and particleboard. Get to know each with the descriptions below: Continue reading →

Get Retro Furniture to Give Your Office Some Style

Office furniture can be a bit boring, so why not jazz it up a little. Certain styles, like retro, give your workspace a lot of character, while allowing you savings by purchasing quality used office furniture.

Retro never goes out of style, so know that by outfitting your office in these characteristic designs, your place will never stray away from the cutting-edge. Older furniture styles have established their place in interior design, so with a retro office styling, you’ll never have to keep up with modern trends ever again. Here are a few good tips to make your office stay retro in a modern world. Continue reading →

4 Ergonomic Considerations to Live By

With the New Year in full swing, office managers and interior designers might want to embark on some office redesign projects. There’s more to accomplishing this than just costs and building regulations, however. Read on for four very important principles that every office redesign project needs to consider:

The Basic Ergonomic Layout

Experts offer advice to make the workplace safer for employees, including the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries through an ergonomic workstation. Learn their general recommendations about height, positioning, and other vital specifications. Continue reading →

The Objections to an Open Office Plan

An infographic featured on DesignTaxi.com, based on a survey by the company Sure Payroll, indicated that 60% of the businesses surveyed have open-office layouts, with 38% reporting a shift from closed to open layouts within 5 years.

While open office layouts may be a rising trend, many have raised their objections to these, citing a number of disadvantages. Continue reading →

3 Office Decoration Tips to Try This New Year

The New Year calls for a new look. Tired of your workspace’s current appearance? Update with these fresh decorating ideas sure to liven up your work environment this 2015:

Compact your space.

A compact office space will pay you back in spades in terms of convenience. Just think—everything you need is within reach. Your spaces are maximized, and there’s plenty of room for you to move. If all this sounds good to you, then it’s time to simplify and tighten your workspace with compact furniture. Continue reading →

Considerations when Buying Used Office Furniture

However you choose to buy additional desks, chairs, and other furniture for your office, it’s important that you first carefully consider your needs and options. Even if you do manage to save money by purchasing used office furniture, your decision may turn out to be the wrong one in the end, if the factors discussed below are not accounted for.

First, the number of users is very important because this also determines the number and/or the size of furniture to buy. For instance, some office desks are designed to be used by one person, while others can accommodate eight or more individuals. Likewise, executive desks should be purchased according to the number of officers and executives you have, since these desks are often especially designed with personal use and privacy in mind. Continue reading →

Finding the Office Furniture that Suits Your Office

The pieces of furniture in your office speak much about your personality. In most cases, it reflects the status of your business, or at least creates a certain impression. Therefore, it’s important to invest time and money in choosing the right office furniture. Here are some crucial pointers.

Before even thinking of shopping around, you must know how much space your office has for furniture. Since office furniture includes worktables and chairs, you’ll have to consider efficiency. Make sure that the workers can work comfortably on those furniture; otherwise, your productivity will be affected. Continue reading →

Making Used Office Furniture Work for You

After years of hard work, your business has hit it big time. Now, it’s time to expand the team. This also means acquiring new sets of furniture for the newbies. Unfortunately, your budget is set for the year, and you can’t afford brand new pieces even if you want to. The solution? Go for cost-effective used office furniture instead. Here are ways to make this work for you:

Get help from an office solutions provider.

At first glance, it seems so easy to just step into a retail store and purchase the pieces you want. Not exactly. By doing so, you run the risk of choosing furniture that doesn’t actually fit your office space. To avoid this, get help with office space planning so you’ll know exactly what size of desks and chairs to buy. Continue reading →