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Get Retro Furniture to Give Your Office Some Style

Office furniture can be a bit boring, so why not jazz it up a little. Certain styles, like retro, give your workspace a lot of character, while allowing you savings by purchasing quality used office furniture.

Retro never goes out of style, so know that by outfitting your office in these characteristic designs, your place will never stray away from the cutting-edge. Older furniture styles have established their place in interior design, so with a retro office styling, you’ll never have to keep up with modern trends ever again. Here are a few good tips to make your office stay retro in a modern world. Continue reading →


Considerations when Buying Used Office Furniture

However you choose to buy additional desks, chairs, and other furniture for your office, it’s important that you first carefully consider your needs and options. Even if you do manage to save money by purchasing used office furniture, your decision may turn out to be the wrong one in the end, if the factors discussed below are not accounted for.

First, the number of users is very important because this also determines the number and/or the size of furniture to buy. For instance, some office desks are designed to be used by one person, while others can accommodate eight or more individuals. Likewise, executive desks should be purchased according to the number of officers and executives you have, since these desks are often especially designed with personal use and privacy in mind. Continue reading →

Basic Facts on Executive Desks

Some companies have the resources to purchase a nice executive desk for their big boss. Although the executive might think a bit about downgrading the desk as a show of solidarity with the employees on the floor, nothing exudes grace and authority like a good executive’s desk. Even if you’re on a budget, a Denver used office furniture provider may help you with some affordable yet high-quality options. Continue reading →

The Workplace through the Generations: Baby Boom

For the record, the U.S. baby boom between 1946 and 1964 wasn’t fueled to make up for the millions of casualties brought about by World War II. It also wasn’t fueled by the need to outnumber the country’s superpower rival, the Soviet Union, in manpower. Historians believed this was the product of marriages initially put on hold due to the war and the Great Depression.

With the world at peacetime, many couples then believed the future would be prosperous for their children; hence, the spike in birth rate—and the generation for baby boomers began. The peak of the boom reached four million between 1954 and 1964 before it dropped, helping make up two-fifths of the current U.S. population. In short, baby boomers were optimistic. Continue reading →

What to Consider When Buying Used Office Furniture

Going for used office furniture is a sensible financial decision that can benefit your company in the long run. However, don’t go and buy from scrap yards and antique shops just yet. There are still some things to consider when buying pre-used items for your office: Continue reading →

Environment Typology: How Office Culture Works

Every company in Denver projects its own character, which, in turn, influences, among other things, the environment’s design elements, such as its architecture, interior design, and ergonomics. These things play a role in promoting the company’s culture. Social studies on company culture have shown that there are four organizational culture types and that each cultivates its own unique work environment:

  • Controlling type – or “hierarchy” culture depends on rules and procedures. Rules bind the organization. The environment is highly structured and formal, as leaders take the role of enforcing and implementing those rules to run their operations smoothly. This type of organization values stability, security, and efficient performances while looking into long-term goals.

  • Collaborative type — or “clan” culture is synonymous to the ant culture. The environment is friendly and open. The leaders take the role of teachers or mentors. They focus on the potential and intrinsic value of their workers. They are bound by their loyalty and value teamwork.

  • Creative type – or “adhocracy” is defined by the company’s innovative and risk-taking culture, undertaken by employees and leaders alike. They like to experiment and need a spacious environment in which to work. They value individual initiative and freedom.

  • Competitive type – or “market” culture is all about completing tasks. Members of the organization strive to bring in results and achieve goals. Leaders are demanding and productive. Winning binds this type of organization, and they value competitive pricing and market leadership.

Being able to identify a company’s dominant type opens the way to designing the most suitable interior style, fixtures, and furniture to complement the company’s general cultural vibes.

The Surprising Benefits of Used Office Furniture

It isn’t unusual for us to put a lot more value on the new than we do on the old. However, if you’ve ever thought badly of a company choosing to freshen up its office furniture with used pieces rather than new ones, you might be surprised at how good their decision actually is. Continue reading →

Factors to Look for in an Ergonomic Chair

Many of your employees sit all day doing their jobs, so that when it comes to seating, there is no question that every employee needs a comfortable, ergonomic chair. If you want to save up on office furniture cost, you can buy used ones, but you should never use cost as an excuse to skimp on the quality of your chairs. So, what makes an ergonomic chair? Continue reading →

The Various Types of Used Office Furniture

For business owners and entrepreneurs on a tight budget, purchasing used office furniture is a great way to save on expenses. Many pre-owned furniture items are still perfectly reusable, and some even have their warranties intact. However, those attempting to buy such items for the first time should first know that there are three types of used office furniture; it can help them select a good piece for the right price. Continue reading →