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Making the Office “Hot” and Comfortable

You may have heard of the so-called “hot office,” or a workspace that looks more like a living room than an actual office setting. Such places have the employees lounging on couches and/or sofas while doing their tasks. Whether your business needs informal furniture to liven up the workplace or not depends on the nature of your work, and how it will help your people. If you do need such pieces, you can rely on sellers of used office furniture for quality furniture at lower costs. Continue reading →


The Objections to an Open Office Plan

An infographic featured on DesignTaxi.com, based on a survey by the company Sure Payroll, indicated that 60% of the businesses surveyed have open-office layouts, with 38% reporting a shift from closed to open layouts within 5 years.

While open office layouts may be a rising trend, many have raised their objections to these, citing a number of disadvantages. Continue reading →

Making Used Office Furniture Work for You

After years of hard work, your business has hit it big time. Now, it’s time to expand the team. This also means acquiring new sets of furniture for the newbies. Unfortunately, your budget is set for the year, and you can’t afford brand new pieces even if you want to. The solution? Go for cost-effective used office furniture instead. Here are ways to make this work for you:

Get help from an office solutions provider.

At first glance, it seems so easy to just step into a retail store and purchase the pieces you want. Not exactly. By doing so, you run the risk of choosing furniture that doesn’t actually fit your office space. To avoid this, get help with office space planning so you’ll know exactly what size of desks and chairs to buy. Continue reading →

Only Buy Office Chairs with Good Back Support!

If you’re in charge of buying brand-new or used office furniture for your workplace, it goes without saying that you should inspect your picks for any sign of damage. However, you might want to go further than assessing each piece for defects because even those in top condition may not actually be the best choice for the office. This is especially true for office chairs.

While you may be convinced to buy office chairs that “look good”, you should first take into account the level of back support they provide. In case you don’t know, sitting for hours on end isn’t exactly healthy, because this activity puts great stress to the spine’s lumbosacral discs. To prevent back problems among your employees or colleagues, the chairs you’ll buy must have excellent ‘lumbar back support’, which is to say that sitting on them must encourage a natural inward curve of the lower back. Continue reading →

Used Office Furniture Presents Great Opportunities

Big and small companies alike need office furniture to help their employees perform their duties and to ensure that they do not cease to run during their daily operations. However, this does not mean that enterprises have to acquire only the latest and newest furniture. In fact, many establishments would rather buy used fixtures as these enable them to enjoy several unique opportunities and benefits: Continue reading →

Tips for an Affordable Office Furnishing Project

Opening your own office could be quite a burden on your wallet—unfortunately, this is far from the last investment you’ll have to make before you can actually make some of your capital cost back in gains. For starters, you’ll also have to decorate your office. Thankfully, you always have options for affordable office furnishings.

Buy Used

Don’t be afraid to buy used furniture. Not only are they typically more affordable than brand new ones, but if you know what to look for, you just might end up getting decent quality stuff. Nevertheless, it’s still important that you inspect your furniture first for any flaws that might end up causing you some valuable business time.

Stick to the Essentials

As much as possible, buy only the furniture that you really need to get work done. For instance, if you’re running an office that deals with meeting customers in person, then having a nice coffee table with comfortable couches is essential, but otherwise it could be seen as a luxury fixture you’re better off buying when the cash is already rolling in.

Always look for Deals

Bookmark your favorite office furniture online store on your desktop. Like them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. This way, you can always be updated whenever something goes on sale.

Tips When Buying Used Office Furniture

With the eight-hour workday fast becoming a thing of the past, employers are now giving greater importance to comfortable office furnishings. After all, if employees are going to be pulling off 12-hour shifts, they should at least have ergonomic seats and desks that help them do their job efficiently. Continue reading →

Some Tips in Choosing an Office Desk

An office without a single desk is hardly an office at all.

A desk is an important component of business as it helps employees and their bosses do the necessary work required of them. It is hard to imagine an office functioning properly without any desk to help them work better.

Anyone looking for a good desk to help boost their production numbers should keep several pointers in mind, so they can achieve the most comfort while effectively producing good numbers: Continue reading →

Furniture is a Critical Aspect of Overall Office Design

If you’re proposing a new office design, it doesn’t matter if you involve new or used office furniture with it. What matters most is how the furniture can fare well under the three major considerations in office design: space, layout, and aesthetics. Continue reading →