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New Chairs for Spinal Health

Office work will often be tedious and challenging. Think about it: sitting in the same chair for several hours can produce some nasty effects on your body, especially the spine and the upper torso. With that in mind, you must seek out experts at quality office furniture in Fort Collins, CO to find the right ergonomic chairs for your office. Here are some critical elements to take into account:


An ergonomic chair should have easy-to-reach vertical controls to assist users of various heights. The trick is to adjust your seat height in such a way that your torso and thighs are at right angles to each other when seen from the side.

See to your Back

Spinal conditions are important when you are sitting for most of the day. For instance, the prospect chair’s backrest must be tall enough to cover your back and shoulder blades. They must be naturally curved to help the back snugly fit in.

Plump and Comfy

Your prospect office chairs should have the finest materials adorning it. It must contain extra padding and any foam cushions must be strong enough to withstand hot or cold temperatures.

Having specially-designed ergonomic chairs in the workplace can make all the difference in your health and that of your employees. Don’t you want them to go home refreshed even if they were sitting all the while?