Making the Office “Hot” and Comfortable

You may have heard of the so-called “hot office,” or a workspace that looks more like a living room than an actual office setting. Such places have the employees lounging on couches and/or sofas while doing their tasks. Whether your business needs informal furniture to liven up the workplace or not depends on the nature of your work, and how it will help your people. If you do need such pieces, you can rely on sellers of used office furniture for quality furniture at lower costs.

There is more to selecting office furniture than just looks. Many items specifically designed for the workplace have ergonomic features which have been found in studies to help improve employee productivity. These features include seatbacks contoured to the spine’s natural curves. Standard office chairs encourage good posture for those who use them, even for long working hours.

Some office solution experts say that a little bit of behavioral science is needed in considering a hot office setting. In this regard, you will need to plan the final design of the interior to the end of fostering better interaction among employees.

A workplace setting with lounges or couches that look no different from what you see at the nearest gourmet coffee shops may be a chance for colleagues to stretch out and interact more with each other.


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