How to Choose the Right Office Furniture

For some people, office furniture may seem like an afterthought, pieces to simply fill up space. But did you know that the thoughtful selection of the right chairs and desk can improve a worker’s efficiency. Employers shouldn’t underestimate the optimal conditions under which employers need to work to be productive. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for furniture suitable for your office.

  • Think about your office space. Don’t pick out furniture that will take over the room, like over-large couches. Pick the right size so that people can still move around freely. Personnel and guests should be able to maneuver around your office with ease.

  • Choose functionality over style. It may be nice to have that ultramodern glass and steel desk, but if it doesn’t have the drawers that you’ll need to store the letters, memos and all sorts of clutter on your desk, don’t pick it. Functionality should just as well guide your choice for chairs and couches.

  • Take great care when choosing fixtures, such as storage shelves and cabinets; if furniture or fixtures are to be customized, consider the proper design for all your storage applications. Storage is a top priority in planning office space, as any office will need ample storage to file away documents and equipment.

  • Aim for ergonomic values, especially with the chairs. When you don’t consider comfort and function, your workers will be distracted by the discomfort they feel, twisting in their seat under undue strain that can cause ailments like back pain and stiff necks and shoulders. Productivity suffers.

  • Consider future expansions. Any business should have an eye on future growth. Think of furniture that can accommodate future demands for expanded space for new personnel and equipment.


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